Genetic Edge Compounds LLC was founded in 2010 and has quickly grown into an industry leader standing out above and beyond expectations.  GEC has a simple philosophy-Give customers what they want and what works.  The GEC team is constantly researching the market, designing and developing the best of the best.  What does this mean?  It means taking ingredients that our customers love and know that work, and combining them with new innovative blends that no one has ever seen before.  The amount of extensive research that goes behind each product is constant.  It also means developing new ideas, improving or modifying current compounds, and researching and testing what does and does not work well together.  We strive to give our customers only the best and strongest of products meaning our raw materials are always of the highest purity and quality.  Whereas some companies use raw materials in the 75% purity level to save money, we always use raw materials in the high 90% level.  This means a huge difference of potency which means night and day results to the end consumer.  Whether you're a serious bodybuilder, powerlifter,  endurance athlete, or sports enthusiast, we make a product that fits your individual needs.  In some cases we may not always be the cheapest, but will always provide and back the best products on the market which will keep your customers coming back for more.  -BRAD HOWARD, FOUNDER & CEO.

Brad Howard - CEO & Founder

From childhood Brad has always been fascinated with the superheroes on tv and the extraordinary size and strength they possessed.  Starting at a very young age with a martial arts background, he developed the speed, concentration, and mindset.  But one thing was missing-the physical appearance.  That's when he was introduced to the gym.  After several years weight training and many many gyms later throughout three states, he'd met many different knowledgeable people and absorbed bits and pieces from everyone learning as much as he could.  All along the way after trying many different supplements and realizing how expensive they were, he couldn't understand spending that kind of money on some products that didn't even work.  That's when the mission started.  He realized people were spending hard earned money on junk.  Brad wanted to fix the problem-give customers the highest quality and purity of products possible.  The higher the quality and purity, the less fillers and byproducts, meaning better faster absorption in the body and top results that people should have gotten all along.


With twenty years in the nutrition industry, James is among the most knowledgeable and elite professionals there is.  Graduating with a bachelor's degree in exercise sports science and health education from Southwest Texas State University, James paved the way to become a top professional in the sports nutrition world.  Starting as a certified personal trainer for three major health club chains, James quickly excelled and moved into sales and went straight to the top producer spot as well as management and held on as the top producer record for all three.  Being the goal setter he is, James still strived for more opportunity.  From there he started directing and teaching sales seminars from health club to health club.  Of course this caught the attention of major nutrition companies so they approached James to sell their products in the clubs.  Again, James surpassed everyone's expectations and once again was directing and teaching seminars to major health clubs but this time teaching staff about supplements and how to sell them.  With James being a big part of Genetic Edge Compounds, he is the head of our sales department for the entire USA.

Andrew Chavarrilla - Marketing Director