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If you need proof of the power of GEC, look no further than Alabama native Michael Bishop.  Having competed in power lifting for over ten years, Michael has steadily risen to the top of his class  In 2009, Bishop ranked fourth in the nation in the 198 class, with his total being one of the top 25 of all time.  But, he didn't stop there.  Just like with any athlete, Bishop continued to push himself, eventually earning one of the top 50 total lifts of all time in the 220 class.  For Bishop, the numbers definitely tell the story of hard work and determination to reach the success that he has.  You will find Michael in the gym three or four times a week, working for two to three hours each session, lifting heavy every workout.  He's also careful about what he eats as well, getting at least 250 grams of protein each day.  What does he enjoy about power lifting?  " I enjoy the competition and camaraderie," he says.  " I  also like to push myself in order to achieve a goal."  And, just what is that goal?  "To continue setting new personal, state, and national records with focus on a new world record in the 220 pound weight class."

25 first place finishes
4 national first place wins
3 world championship wins

Currently ranked 3rd in the nation
220 class masters division

Federation records- IPA 220 masters world record holder for squat- bench- deadlift and total

Currently holds the Tennessee 198 and 220 class records for squat- bench- deadlift and total for 5 different federations

Best all time lifts (raw)
Squat- 640
Bench- 435
Deadlift- 720


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Texas native, born and raised as a competitive athlete, Lauren grew up in a family made of competitive athletes and parents teaching her that she could do anything she wanted if she stayed focused, driven and willing to fail.  Trying different sports and grinding until she could play with the best, she focused on competitive volleyball for 10+ years and moved to San Diego, CA to play semi-pro sand volleyball on the Bud Light AVP tour.  This is where she met her future mentor for competing in bikini/bodybuilding.  Starting the competition journey in 2013 in the NPC, then moving to the NFF for 1 year and finally calling home the WBFF, she competed in Houston, TX in 2015 and earned 1st place in bikini short, best evening gown, and awarded pro status.  As a pro, she has made top 10 rankings and has competed in cities such as Atlantic City and Los Angeles.  Her continued focus will be at WORLDS Pro|Am in Las Vegas where all of the top athletes will be competing.  She is also a certified personal trainer with multiple specialties in sports injury, metabolic conditioning, sports agility & quickness, and a certified figure & physique coach through NESTA as well as a WBFF posing coach. Follow her adventure @lauren_teambsh and @gec_team.

Competitive History

NPC Lackland Classic Bikini Class A, Top 10 

NFF Naturally Fit Model Search Short Class, Top 10 

WBFF Houston Diva Fitness, Top 10 

WBFF Houston Bikini Model, 1st Place (Earned PRO Status) 

WBFF Houston Best Evening Wear, 1st Place 

WBFF Atlantic City Pro Bikini Class, Top 10

Chase Peterson Bodybuilder
Mike Bishop Powerlifter
Lauren Garcia NPC WBFF


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When it comes to dedication and drive, Chase moves forward no matter what’s in his way. Paving the way for his passion of fitness and bodybuilding, it was when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where it all started. He quickly realized bodybuilding gave him the therapy he needed, but also a humbling sport that could be used to uplift and motivate others. Chase says in his own words “it brings out the best in me and has given me purpose. The iron will teach you everything you need to know about yourself and what to improve on, not just physically but overall as an individual.” Since then it’s taught him to set new goals and strive each and every day to perfect his physique to obtain his pro card.

Competitive History:

2016 Dallas Europa Games - 3rd Place - Light Heavyweight

2017 Dallas Europa Games - 2nd Place - Light Heavyweight

2018 Texas State Championships - 1st Place - Light Heavyweight

2019 - NPC Johnnie Jackson Classic - Classic Physique - Overall Winner


BLAINE  COCKRELL Classic Bodybuilder
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For IFBB Pro Blaine Cockrell it all started in 2006 with a trip planned and a group of friends to Cancun, Mexico.  For him, the logic was simple, he didn’t want to go to the beach out of shape.  So Blaine started to weight train in early February 2006 but knew nothing about it or proper nutrition.  Before much of today’s technology at your fingertips, he turned to muscular development magazines for the ideas and guidance on how to eat and train.  At the time, he was active duty Air Force so he quickly learned how to train on a budget.  Blaine continued to read all he could and continued to train and learn throughout his military career.  After the military he took a contract firefighter job in Iraq which allowed him to really focus on bodybuilding and rest.  After exiting Iraq in 2012 and after 6 years of training, Blaine decided he was ready to give competition a shot and entered his first NPC show.  From there he was hooked, only having missed a week of training two times in 14 years due to military obligations.  Blaine has been a full time firefighter/emt for 12 years, 3 years as a personal trainer, and a United States Air Force Veteran.

Competitive History:

8 Years Actively Competing

9 NPC Shows - Heavyweight

2017 Jr. USA’s - 1st Place – Classic Physique (IFBB Pro Card)

2019 San Antonio Pro – 7th Place – Classic Physique


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Kelcy is a certified personal trainer, mom, wife and national strength competitor. At a young age Kelcy began to excel in the athletic arena and ultimately finding her passion in Softball. Playing and coaching for 21+ years Kelcy earned many accolades in on and off the field. Notable she was an NCAA All-American Catcher while playing for the Rattlers at St. Mary's University. 


As her athletic career began to slow down family life quickly began to take over. Deciding to stay home and raise her 4 kids, mom-life overtook every other aspect of life. She found herself battling depression, anxiety and as a symptom over-eating. Stopping just shy of 300lbs she too decided it was time for change! Kelcy  took to the gym and committed to changing their lifestyle of eating for her own well-being and the well-being of her children. It was on this journey, that Kelcy fell in love with lifting heavy and in 2017 She began to compete in Strongman[woman]. Rising quickly after qualifying for nationals her at Dallas Show of Strength 2017 in the Open Women's HW. In 2018 she took 1st at Texas Strongest Woman, 3rd at US Nationals, 4th at Pro-Women's Worlds. Now as a Pro Strongwoman Kels has her eyes set on some world records and top finishes for her 2020-21 season! 

Kels Chavarrilla
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