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Adonis Gold

The R&D team at GEC has kept a classic favorite high intensity pre training formula to prime and fuel your body for vigorous training. A complex version of the Adonis lineup, Adonis Gold™ utilizes key ingredients to target every aspect of training intensity leaving no guess work, no proprietary blends, no ineffective fillers, and no heavy crash as an after effect. Adonis Gold™ gives you the energy, pump, focus, and performance to help drive your workouts.† 


Amino 360

GEC AMINO 360™ gives you 360 degrees of coverage when it

comes to essential amino acids. A complete EAA/BCAA profile

with the added benefit of glutamine and coconut water for boosted

recovery and hydration, AMINO 360™ gives you one of the best

staples to support muscle recovery and protein synthesis.



N.O.-flo is designed to help enhance the one thing athletes crave during weight training known as the “pump”.  The key is to increase nitric oxide production, creating vasodilation and greater blood flow to the muscle cells.  N.O.-flo utilizes a synergistic blend of ingredients and patented ingredients as a support system for nitric oxide production to maximize your muscle volume during training all while remaining stimulant free.*

PRO Gym Stack

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