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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Thank you for visiting Genetic Edge Compounds.  GEC is your source for providing only the highest quality and purity of performance enhancing sports nutrition supplements.  Our team is always on top and one step ahead when it comes to quality and research in the nutrition industry.




Thermanite's unique formula gives new meaning to the flooded world of fat burners.  A heavily concentrated blend of the strongest and most proven fat burning ingredients needed for weight loss: Appetite Suppressor, Thermogenic, Clean Euphoric Energy, Mental Focus, and Increased Metabolism.  With 710 mg of power packed, active ingredients Thermanite attacks fat cells from every angle. Proven ingredients combined with the most innovative formulations of accurate ingredients make Thermanite one of the most elite and sought after fat burners on the market.



Revitastane is the ultimate superblend of post cycle compounds.  Where most pct products have a single ingredient, Revitastane PCT has four.  One to target every problem associated with post cycle.  Arimisol- known to promote AI benefits as well as help maintain healthy cortisol levels. Daspartic Acid-known to support healthy testosterone levels rapidly.  Tribulus-known to help support the body’s natural testosterone production, sexual performance, and muscle tissue. Mucuna Pruriens-used to support healthy dopamine levels for functions such as sexuality, mood, and movement.  With Revitastane PCT we've got you covered from every angle where post cycle is a must.



Nitroglide's synergistic joint formula promotes joint lubrication, wear and tear, improves connective tissue support while stimulating cartilage function and synovial fluid.  This blend of crucial ingredients will help support maintenance of overworked joints. Bonding multiple pathways are used to target the problem.  Glucosamine Sulfate-responsible for joint fluid and lubrication that fuels the upkeep; Ginger-known to help reduce irritation; MSM-the building blocks of joints that maintain the structure of collagen and cartilage; Boswellia-shown to have positive effects on joint flexibility and health; Horsetail-a jack of many trades, used to help promote and raise bone density and flexibility by helping to absorb calcium, and by strengthening the connective tissues and cartilage; Hyaluronic Acid-one of the most powerful hydrating ingredients in existence that acts as a cushion and lubricant in the joints.



Nitrocell’s innovative formula was designed to do just what it sounds like-shuttle crucial ingredients directly to the muscle cells for maximum cell volumization.  Nitrocell is packed full of not one but 4 proven creatine sources as the base to create a powerful synergistic effect.  But Nitrocell doesn’t stop there.  With added ingredients to aid in decreasing muscle fatigue and improving instant power, Nitrocell goes to work by maximizing and allowing you to push beyond your training potential using  a special blend of self emulsifying uptake and delivery ingredients meaning a transport system to shuttle a 4 blend super creatine + antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes and performance igniters directly to the muscle cells for maximum volumization.



Laxoplex was designed as a prohormone alternative that yields similar results with no hormonal impact or toxicity.  Designed for helping to increase lean mass & strength, this unique product is non hormonal, helps to promote lean dry gains, accelerate lean muscle volume and density, balance cortisol, and has been thought to increase protein synthesis up to 200% in some cases.  The active ingredient Laxogenin plays a major role in this prodigy because of it’s protein synthesis benefits.  We’ve added a few other ingredients that help in improving the potency including Stinging Nettle Root that helps to block SHBG from binding to testosterone allowing the body to use more “free testosterone”, an important factor in muscle building, and also Bioperine ® which is used to improve bioavailability of absorbed ingredients acting as an absorption and permeability enhancer.



Innersteel is the powerhouse of antioxidants.  Using some of the best ingredients for liver support and heart health, GEC combined 6 highly effective ingredients for the ultimate detox.  This superblend contains 3 antioxidants for healthy liver maintenance and 3 heart health ingredients to promote  healthy organ function and cycle support.  Milk Thistle, NAC, and ALA promote liver health, support for the body's natural detox properties, and recycle the body's antioxidants.  Artichoke, Skull Cap, and Hawthorne berry aid in helping to maintain healthy heart function, blood pressure, and cholesterol  for a healthier heart and kidneys already within normal range.  Innersteel is a great stand alone for overall health or to accompany other products to aid in organ stress.



Laxoplex Figure was designed for the same reason as Laxoplex was but with intent strictly for females and  with a slightly different modification of ingredients.  While most females desire to focus more on a toning & shaping goal in mind instead of the mass & strength like males, Laxoplex Figure does just that.  Using one of the same active ingredients, Laxogenin is still added as a base for the core of muscle volumization and density combined with the addition of ingredients specific to females such as aiding in metabolism and boosting the cardiovascular system.  Laxoplex Figure is stimulant free and designed for supporting muscle production, toning, and to achieve a harder, denser look for females.



Tranquil PM is considered the missing piece of the puzzle and an often overlooked factor when it comes to rest and recovery for the next day.  The single most important factor in lean muscle growth is rest and recovery.  Facing the day to day grind your body becomes overworked with stress, exercise, and overall breakdown leading to a catabolic effect.  During the sleep cycle, paradoxical sleep is the desired stage in which the recovery begins to take place aiding in natural GH release, balancing cortisol levels, rebuilding and recharging your body to prepare for the next day.  No more messy powders before bedtime,  Tranquil PM utilizes a one capsule serving with a synergistic blend of the most effective natural ingredients to support restful sleep and relaxation to restart the next day fresh.



Test MD was developed to aid in the body's optimization of blood testosterone levels all while managing and controlling estrogen and DHT. Testosterone levels in men naturally decline with age beginning around age 30 and continue to do so as they advance in years.  Supporting a healthy balance in testosterone levels can help promote mood, energy, libido, and overall well being.  Test MD's formula utilizes a combination of proven synergistic ingredients to combat nature's unwanted decline in men.



Genetics play a crucial role when it comes to performance.  Certain factors limit the ability of performance from stamina and endurance to muscle growth.  One key factor inhibiting this is known as Myostatin.  This protein produced and released by the body acts on muscle cells to inhibit growth.  This means putting a barrier on or limiting muscle growth while some individuals release more and some less.  Omnadex utilizes the anabolic antioxidant Epicatechin that supports inhibition of  Myostatin plus a synergistic blend of other actives including Alpha GPC for increased GH support and bioavailability.


Ketonic is a blend of BHB ketone bodies used to help drive the body into nutritional ketosis, which is when your body shifts into using fatty acids and ketones as the primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates and glucose.  Exogenous ketones quickly get your body into a ketosis state, and help you stay there, allowing you to take full advantage of all the health benefits of nutritional ketones, such as increased physical and mental energy, and a shift in the body's use of fat as fuel.


GEC's Fermented BCAA is a straight forward Fermented Branch Chain Amino Acid profile of a power packed 2:1:1 ratio. With only patented AstraGin® added as a super absorption enhancer, no additional and unnecessary active ingredients were used providing a more pure, fermented BCAA to support muscle recovery and protein synthesis. 


The R&D team at GEC has reintroduced a past favorite high intensity pre training formula to prime and fuel your body for vigorous training. A beefed up version of original Adonis, Adonis Silver utilizes key ingredients to focus on every aspect of training intensity leaving no guess work, no proprietary blends, no ineffective fillers, and no heavy crash as an after effect. Adonis Silver gives you the energy, pump, focus and performance to help drive your workouts. 


Neurospike was designed and developed based on today's active lifestyle and fast paced world.  At times, it's not during athletic performance when we need the most focus and drive.  It's the everyday workload that can be the biggest mental strain and exhaustion.  It's equally important to exercise the brain just as it is the body without the overload or burn out.  Neurospike is a perfect blended matrix of nootropics, tonics, and low stimulants to help improve cognitive function, memory, focus, motivation, and overall acceleration of energy to get you through the day.


KryptaniteTM is a daily weight management supplement that aids in the support of getting through the day and giving the extra boost while maintaining a healthy diet. This innovative formula is designed to support weight management, metabolism, energy, and optimize your overall well-being.  


N.O.-flo is designed to help enhance the one thing athletes crave during weight training known as the “pump”.  The key is to increase nitric oxide production, creating vasodilation and greater blood flow to the muscle cells.  N.O.-flo utilizes a synergistic blend of ingredients and patented ingredients as a support system for nitric oxide production to maximize your muscle volume during training all while remaining stimulant free.


Glycoshred™ is an advanced glucose disposal agent designed to help utilize carbohydrates to their maximum potential and help support a healthy insulin balance. Putting carbohydrates to work in the right direction and manipulating nutrients driven toward the muscle cells vs. the storage of fat is where Glycoshred™ comes in. As an additional benefit, Glycoshred™ utilizes Dihydromyricetin to support glucose metabolism and also aid in hangover support from the effects of alcohol. Glycoshred™ can be used by both men and women, athletes and non-athletes looking to take their performance, conditioning, wellness and health seriously.